From Shenyu Belsky, Rockefeller Brothers Fund program officer:

      You have done amazing things with ICCSL!

    From Mary Page, Director, Human Rights and International Justice at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation:

      It is the people who make organizations what they are, and it’s clear that your and Dr. Irish's early energy and commitment - as well as the vision behind those early hiring decisions, have been fundamental to ICNL's growth and achievements.

    John Clark, former World Bank NGO staffer and ICNL board member:

      I really think you should feel pride for the important journey that you started by creating [ICNL]. The creation of the UN Special Rapporteur position is a testament to the fact that this is an issue whose time has now come, and you had the vision to see this before anyone else.

    From Bill Moody, a former Rockefeller Brothers Fund program officer who uses the Newsletter to catch up on developments:

      The IJCSL Newsletter is a unique and wonderful resource for those of us who are interested in civil society.

    From an American civil society activist:

      I have been thinking about how amazingly helpful, excellent, and prolific ICCSL’s work is, and I am so grateful personally for all you have done over the years and for your persistence in changing how the world thinks about NGO regulation.

    From a Civil Society Activist in Uganda:

      It wasn't until I came on this AKF Study Tour with members of the Government that I even knew there was anyone there with a true interest in civil society.

    From an NGO activist in Mongolia:

      Thanks for care about the tax law; your comments were very helpful for us.

    From a Japanese civil society researcher and activist:

      Thanks again for helping to reform Japanese legal system for not-for-profit organizations. I am sure you and Lee played very important roles. In the quite near future, I would like to trace your roles for the Japanese reform.

    From a Chinese law professor and researcher:

      Your paper is really insightful. Actually you raised your proposals and proved them from an insider’s point of view, which is different from most western scholars. You are trying to be helpful during China’s policy-making, rather just help western people to understand China.

    From a South African civil society activist:

      Thanks to ICCSL for a really strong and in-depth report. Our Board will be impressed by the solid work you have done.

    From USAID:

      "The most successful" academic legal education in civil society law in Central and Eastern Europe is the "NPO law course" taught at Central European University by Profs Leon Irish and Karla Simon. USAID evaluation, 11 April 2006.

    ICCSL honors and awards:

      ICCSL awarded Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation in International Human Rights Law By Indiana University School of Law, September 15, 2004