Afghanistan NGO Law 2005
Afghanistan NGO Law Amendments
Challenges Presented by the Legal, Regulatory, Administrative and Fiscal Framework Governing Civil Society
Creating an Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Afghanistan
Law on Non-Governmental Organizations
Media Law as passed by Wolesi Jirga


Reforms of Legal and Fiscal Rules Proposed in Budget


Bangladesh - Rebeka Interview Registrar
Bangladesh Final Report, May 15
Bangladesh Full Report (color)
Bangladesh Questionnaire
Bangladesh Questionnaire Final Analysis
Bangladesh Registration Documents -2005
Donor Interview Checklist – Version 1: 12th January 2004
IDA Disbursed through NGOs (1995-2004)
Legal and Regulatory Environment for NGOs in Bangladesh
List of participants of conference on legal and regulatory environment forNGO’s in Bangladesh on 02-02-2005
Scoping Study for Possible Development of a Revised NGO Regulatory Framework


Bolivia Decree on International Cooperation 2007


MISP Reader 2010


4th Draft of NGO Law for Cambodia
Briefing Note on CSO Law Issues
First draft of the proposed NGOs Law for Cambodia

Cayman Islands

2009 Draft of the Carities Bill for a Law to Establish a Commission to Regulate Charities
Discussion Paper - Regulation of Charitable Non-Profit Organisations in the Cayman Islands


12th Five Year Plan
1950 SO Translation
1954 Juweihui Regulation
Accounting Regulation of Civil Not-For-Profit Organization in China
CANGO Review and Recs on Govt Procurement 2012-02-27
CANGO Summary and Guide on Govt Procurement 2012-02-27
Capacity Development of Civil Society Organizations: Towards Inclusive Social Management in China
China Civil Society, Charity and Giving Update
China Religious Charity Guiding Principles
China human rights NGOs enforcement
China's Accounting System of NPOs
Chinese Translation of the OSI Guidelines
Comments on Draft Shenzhen Charity Regulations
Comparative Not-For-Profit Law
Eligibility for tax deductibility of donations (123) (English Translation)
Fiscal impediments to giving in China - Karla Simon
Foundation Evaluation Index
ICCSL's paper analyzing recent developments with regard to the regulation of charities in China
Important Developments in China's Legal and Fiscal Framework for the Support of Civil Society
Income tax exemption (122) (English Translation)
Interim Measures for Banning Illegal Non-Governmental Organizations
International Symposium on Legal Issues for NPOs - December 2007
Leon Irish, Jin Dongsheng, and Karla Simon, China's Tax Rules for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Local Min Fei Regulations
Local Min Fei Regulations Proprietor
Local Organizations Regulations Corporation
Measures for Annual Inspection of Private Non-enterprise Entities
Measures for the Annual Inspection of Foundations
Notice (No. 63 [2009]) of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange
Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on thePolicies and Relevant Management Issues concerning the Pre-tax Deduction ofPublic Welfare Relief Donations
People's Republic of China Public Welfare Donation Law
Proposed Trade Associations Law (Chinese)
Recent Developments in Chinese Law Affecting CSOs/NGOs
Reform of China's Laws for NPOs - A Discussion of Issues Related to Shiye Danwei Reform
Regulations for the Management of Foundations
Regulations of Hunan Province on Donation Solicitation (Draft)
Regulations on Promotion of the Public Welfare Cause in Jiangsu Province
Regulations on Promotion of the Public Welfare Cause in Ningbo (draft)
Religious Charitable Organization Regulations
Report suggests China to open up for policy-advocating NGOs
Xu Zhiyong update August 2009


Egypt Draft Law 2010


Ethiopia Alternative CSO Proclamation
Proclamation for the Registration and Regulation of Charities and Societies


Budget To Amend Definition Of 'Charitable Purpose'
Indian Finance Bill 2006
Other Aspects of the Direct Taxs Code for Non-Profit Organizations
Policy on the Voluntary Sector
The Foreign Contribution (Management and Control) Bill, 2005
The Foreign Contribution (Management and Control) Bill, 2005


Iraqi NGO Law Draft Approved


Israel Amendments to Tax Ordinance - 2010 ICCSL Comments
Israel Amutot Law
Israel Draft Legislation 16 2 on Foreign Political Entity Funding


Documentary Supplement
Legal and Tax Reforms for Koeki Hojin Discussion and Comparative Analysis
Study Tour to Japan and Korea


Arab Association for Democracy
Law on Societies Jordan 2008


Harmonized Draft Constitution November 2009


Lao PDR Decree Law on Associations


National Policy On Non-Govermental Organizations In Liberia


Law on Not-Profit Legal Entities (English)
Mongolian Comments (June 2005)
OSI Guidelines For Laws Affecting Civic Organizations (Mongolian)


Country Notes
Draft Nonprofit Public Benefit Organisations (Governance and Support) Act, 2003
Draft Sindh Nonprofit Organizations (Governance and Support) Ordinance, 2002


Ley de Creación de la Agencia Peruana de Cooperación Internacional - APCI
Peru Amendments


Palace shelves disputed NGO order
RP Legal Matrix for Civil Society


Russian Translation of the OSI Guidelines

South Africa

CIPRO PowerPoint presentation
CIVICUS Comments Zambia
Concept Paper
Detailed additional Analysis of NGO Bill in Zambia by Mandeep Tiwana
Income Tax Issues for NGOs in Anglophone Africa
NPO Directorate PowerPoint presentation
National Lotteries Board PowerPoint presentation
Non Governmental Organisation Bill Zambia
Report of the Philanthropy and Law in South Asia Update Workshop, New Delhi, August 2007
SARS Tax Exemption Unit (TEU) PowerPoint presentation
South Africa 2008 Act


Spanish Translation of the OSI Guidelines


Uganda Proposed amendment to Press and Journalist Act - Jan 29 2010

United States of America

CIVICUS Comments on Iraq Draft Law
Checklist for NPO (NGO) Laws
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste Government Decree on Non-Profit-Making Corporate Bodies
Freedom Of Association Recent Developments Regarding The “Neglected Right”
LAW No.04/L –057 On Freedom Of Association In Non-Governmental Organisations
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, Maina Kiai
Resolution on Freedom of Association Adopted by OAS
The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law Annual Report
Vermont - An Act Relating To Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies
Zanzibar's NGO Policy


Uzbekistan Law on NPOs 2007


Report of Study Tour to Japan and Korea, Delegation from the People’s Republic of Viet Nam
VN CIVIL CODE - Part 4 Legal Person-revised
VNAH Civil Society Development in Vietnam
VNAH Report (Feb 15)
Viet Nam Association Decree
Viet Nam Study Tour - VNAH Report
Vietnam Association Regulation 2010
Vietnam Associations Rules (May 2012)
Vietnam Charitable Funds Rules (May 2012)


Clarification Issued on Suspension Order For NGOS/PVOS
Zimbabwe Private Voluntary Organisations Act 2002