Viet Nam Projects

ICCSL principals have been working on law reform for civil society in Viet Nam for over ten years and have made several trips to the country. Current projects include:

1. Ongoing technical assistance to the government (Ministry of Home Affairs) and the National Assembly Committee on Legislative Affairs. ICCSL's comments on the juridical persons provisions of the Draft Civil Code of Viet Nam were published in IJCSL for April, 2005, at page 126. ICCSL recently provided comments to VNAH, its NPO partner, with regard to developing a Law on Foundations for Viet Nam.

2. In January 2005 ICCSL organized a Study Tour for Vietnamese government officials, including the Chair of the National Assembly's Committee on Legislative Affairs and the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs. ICCSL is the technical advisor to Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH). More technical details about the study tour are available here. VNAH's report on the Study Tour is also available on the ICCSL site.


3. Supervising a Ph D thesis for a student at Viet Nam National University on "Viet Nam's Legal Framework for NPOs."

4. Assisting to obtain support for Vietnamese lawyers to attend the Comparative Civil Society Law course in Beijing in fall 2005. One Vietnamese lawyer was able to attend and her trip was financed by Oxfam Hong Kong and the Open Society Institute.

  Quote from A Vietnamese student who attended Comp Civil Society Law Course in Beijing: "I am very happy to receive your letter and the Vietnamese translation of the Guidelines. My colleague and I will check them for you and OSI. My friends and I have plans to establish a community development NGO in Viet Nam. I learned so much about NGO governance from you during the semester in Beijing last year. Thank you very much! I hope to see you soon in Hanoi, Viet Nam."

5. ICCSL is currently working with Vietnamese lawyers to finalize the Vietnamese translation of the OSI Guidelines for publication and distribution in Viet Nam.

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