Pakistan Projects

Uniquely suited to address legal framework issues in Pakistan – Nasira Razvi is a lawyer admitted to practice in Pakistan – ICCSL is working with the number of Pakistani organizations to address issues with regard to the legal framework for NPOs in Pakistan.

When they were with ICNL, Prof. Irish and Prof. Simon conducted a study of the issues on behalf of the Aga Khan Foundation, which was published as Leon E. Irish & Karla W. Simon, “Towards an Enabling Legal and Fiscal Framework for Development,” in PHILANTHROPY IN PAKISTAN: A REPORT OF THE INITIATIVE ON INDIGENOUS PHILANTHROPY (David Bonbright, ed.) (Islamabad, The Aga Khan Foundation, 2000). In addition, Prof. Irish worked successfully with AKF to introduce better tax incentives for philanthropy in Pakistan.

At the present time they are working with the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP), South Asia Partnership/Pakistan, and the Aga Khan Foundation to develop new framework legislation for NPOs. Nasira has written a lengthy paper on the legal environment for NPOs in Pakistan. And IJCSL published two articles about the PCP certification process in a Special Section on NGO Certification.

Further information about developments, including proposed legislation at the national level and the provincial level can be found in the Documentation Centre.

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