Civil Society in China: The Legal Framework from Ancient Times to the "New Reform Era"
Simon, Karla
Available on the Oxford University Press website.
Oxford University Press, 2013

Cases And Materials On Comparative Law Affecting Civil Society Organizations
Irish and Simon
a casebook for use in NPO/CSO law courses around the world

China's Tax Rules For Not-For-Profit Organizations
Irish, Jin Dong Sheng, and Simon
A Study Prepared for the World Bank 2004

Christian Thought and Social Development
Norwegian Institute For International Affairs

Guidelines For Laws Affecting Civic Organizations
Irish, Kushen, and Simon
a detailed outline of essential issues in laws affecting civil society
Open Society Institute, revised, second edition, 2004

Reform of China’s Laws for NPOs – A Discussion of Issues Related to Shiye Danwei Reform
Z CHIN R 2005

Tax Rules for Not-for-Profit Organizations: A Survey of Practice
Austrian Research Society

The Future Of Civil Society In Central Europe
Priller and Zimmer eds
(Tax Law and Tax Incentives Simon)
Leske & Budrich, 2004

The Human Rights Idea
cases and materials for teaching Human Rights Law at Central European University

The Tax Treatment Of NGOs
Bater, Hondius & Lieber eds
(Tax preferences for non-governmental organizations Irish and Simon)
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The Voluntary And Non-Profit Sector In Japan
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