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The International Journal Of Charity Sector Law Program

The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHARITY SECTOR LAW (IJCSL) program publishes IJCSL and the IJCSL NEWSLETTER (IJCSL-N) in electronic format. In addition, it sponsors the ICCSL Documentation Center and symposia and talks on important CSL topics and Prof. Karla Simon’s book at various law schools and universities, such as Fordham (2010), NYU (2012), Columbia (2012), the University of Washington (2012), Harvard (2014), Oxford (U.K.) (2015), Duke and NCSU (2015).
The Journal accepts submissions from interested scholars and practitioners. Letters with attached manuscripts should be sent to Karla W. Simon, Editor in Chief at kwskarla@gmail.com



"The best international resource for comparative knowledge on civil society
law and citizen participation."